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hey guys,


is it too late to sign up, cuz its still going on?

if so, i'll just wait for the next one :D
Hey, I don't remember who has me for this thing, but I'm not going to be in my apartment from the 19th-1st and I think if a package gets delivered to me and I don't pick it up for a few days it gets sent back. Just wanted whomever to be aware. Hope all is well with everyone :)
I got my package todayyyy! From Kaitlin (Hi_Kait_123)! It's amazzzzing! I had a weird day so coming home and finding it on my door step was just SO COOOOOL! I got some pixy stix, fundip (omg.. best. stuff. ever.) some rubber duckies a dig a dino egg (WHOA!) disney princess painting project and my personal favorite, a twirly rainbow ribbon thing that I haven't seen in a million years and it totally wow'd me that she could find one! oh! and a mixed CD which I'm very excited for!

thank you soooo much Kaitlin! (you live in bloomington?! I'm applying to IU next year!)

now I think I shall go play that CD :D

(oh, btw, the handwriting on the CD is almost identical to my dad's handwriting it threw me off for a moment haha)
ack!!! in the middle of a rather self-depreciating, boring day, i noticed my landlord thumping down the stairs and leaving my mail on hte table (really wish theyd start knocking) after he goes back upstairs, i walk out to see what ive gotten. there, sitting on my kitchen table, is a brown paper and scotch taped package. squee!! i literally do a little happy dance, then scamper off to my bedroom to open it. inside are: 2 books, neither of which ive read but both of which looks interesting ( i just want my pants back by david rosen and death and the penguin by andrey kurkov), 2 snickers bars, a package of glow sticks, a picture of brooklyn graffiti, some belly dancing instructions, a box of nerds, a box of gumballs, a bar of intense dark citrus sunset chocolate, and a lovely little note. huzzah for amy. my day, nay, my week, has just been made. thank you so much. (guess this means i really need to mail mine. sorry mel...its packaged, but waiting for me to have the time and ability to mail it. soon, i promise.. o.O)
Lynne (brownvelvet_hat) is a freaking genius.

I just checked my mail and got her adorable package.  She sent me tons of fun stuff like a Seattle bendy straw, a kazoo and a TURQUOISE TIARA OMG (I said I liked outrageous turquoise jewelry and she got it right on the nose.

I think my favorite part, though, had to be how it was put together- she wrapped the box in teal wrapping paper and wrote adorable things all over it like Regina Spektor lyrics, cute phrases in Italian and her favorite 2_lines post of mine. :)

Lynne, you totally made my day- thank you SO much!

PS. Milla, I haven't forgotten you- I've just been too broke/lazy to go to the post office.  I think I'm gonna mail it tomorrow though, so be on the lookout!
Alyssa got it just right!
Crossword puzzles and an adorable pencil to do them with, a cute book to read, particularly when I'm short on time, some bobbypins specifically for my short hair, and a Maryland bottle opener shaped like a crab!  It already has taken the place of my old shark bottle opener on my keyring...the place of honor!  Oh, and some gummyworms. 

Thank you so much Alyssa!  I was pleased beyond words!! :-D
I got my package today!! Enclosed was a lovely letter (done in crayon, quite beautiful) and some delicious sugary candy. :) Thanks so much, Jess!
Thank you so much Molly!!!! <33333333333

So, for all of you not in the know, I received the following things from the marvelous Molly:
-memo pads (pretty awesome, considering I forget things so fucking easily)
-a chicken coffee mug (Two of the best things ever (coffee and chickens) combined into one! >D)
-batteries (VERY good idea)
-Laffy Taffy because candy solves EVERYTHING. <3
-ZOMG POPTARTS (because sugar in general rocks)

and our personal favorite:

A MOTHERFUCKING BATMAN PILLOW. <333 I am of the opinion that Batman is the coolest superhero EVER (no, I don't welcome debate in this respect because I'll fucking pwn you), and I have no idea how you knew (or guessed). X3 

So, in summation, I love you so much. Thanks again.
So the circle closes!
I'm still a bit hopeless at trying to run a community so i didn't find a way that i could close down the comments section WITHOUT blocking the comments from your view. And i figured that you all still might need your buddies addresses!
(So don't bother trying to still enter, i'll delete your comments clean out, so better luck next time!)
Now, get posting those packages so we can reade some pretty awesome entries here later when they arrive.
Take your time with mailing, there is no dead line BUT don't leave a homie hanging!
Happy mailing:

Ok, so minor adjustments, we've got the whole thing kicked off which is super great!
This is what we do, submit your e-mail BEFORE next monday (10.9-07) and that way we won't have TOO many people into it and get things mixed up. After monday it's no use submitting your address, you are not in.
The last person to take part, i will send THAT person their stuff and crescendoll328 will mail me because she was the first one to start.
Does that make sense to you?

Love, Milla.

ps.crescendoll328 my e-mail address is pikku_majava [at] hotmail [dot] com